The Magazine Writer's Academy is an online academy specialized in teaching aspiring writers how to create sellable articles for magazines, newspapers and online publications.

We have been doing this work since 2013 and have a great track record.

Our students do really well in the real world, as professional writers.

They have had thousands of articles in print in more than 140 different magazines and newspapers after following our methods. And counting!

The academy was founded by Vivian Songe, a Norwegian freelance journalist who has written articles for more than 30 magazines and newspapers, plus worked for some of the most well-known publishing houses in Norway.

In 2013 she started the online course in freelance magazine writing together with her partner, Roy Moss. They started the first version of the course from a beach in Mexico, while on fraternity leave with their first child.

Since then the concept has developed into a Netflix-like platform with both video lessons and live elements, and word has spread.

We now have students and members in several countries, like Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and the US. Yay!

We are very excited to help you become a professional writer. Are you ready?